How to Create a Chore Chart for ADHD Kids

ADHD kids thrive off structure and routines. I’ve talked about this in many episodes. Routines help kids with ADHD focus and meet expectations because they know what their day looks like already. 

Today, I want to talk about one thing you can add to your child’s daily routine and that is a chore chart for ADHD kids. It gives them something to work towards and complete to feel that sense of accomplishment.

I actually wish I had chores when I was younger! Instead of studying all the time, it would have given me a break and something else to learn. Chores aren’t to punish your kids but to help them learn life skills. This episode covers how to create a chore chart for ADHD kids.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode

  • Giving your child responsibilities
  • Responsibilities to fit their age
  • Types of chores to give kids with ADHD

Giving Your Child Responsibilities

Even little kids should have responsibilities around the house. You’re raising an adult, and they need to know the basics around taking care of themselves and their home. I’ve learned a lot about this from Celia Kibler, parent empowerment coach. Giving them responsibilities is key to raising them to be an independent adult. I mean, do you want them to come home every weekend when they’re 25 to have you do their laundry? I didn’t think so!

By giving them responsibility, parents can help children with ADHD develop life skills and build confidence. Plus, it helps you around the house and keeps them busy for a while!

Responsibilities to Fit Their Age

Don’t forget to consider their capabilities at their age. Are they capable of bringing their dishes to the kitchen? Are they tall enough to rinse their dishes? Can they load the dishwasher without dropping the dishes?

My two-year-old son is too young to help with most chores, but he claps and encourages me as I put dishes away. He’s learning to be encouraging towards others. He’s also learning to share with me, his father, and his brother. I’m giving him responsibilities that fit his age. As he gets older, I’ll add other responsibilities to his chore chart.

Types of Chores to Give Kids with ADHD

I know you probably have a list a mile long of chore ideas for your kids! Tailoring chores to their abilities can make them feel accomplished. I want to explain why these specific chores will help a child with ADHD and what it teaches them. 

  • Making your bed (establishes a routine and boosts endorphins)
  • Drying dishes (helping someone else)
  • Pack lunches for the next school day (thinking ahead and planning)
  • Organizing their schoolwork (staying organized) – download my free guide on this!
  • Setting the table (working together)
  • Sweeping (burn off energy and focus on a task)
  • Watering plants or feeding an animal (taking care of something else)

Whatever chores you decide to give them, make sure they are consistent every week. Some kids are assigned chores based on what the parent needs to be done around the house. ADHD kids need that structure in their lives. They need to learn one skill before moving on to the next. Give them one chore at a time and ask them to continue that chore when they learn the next one. That’s the best way to create a chore chart for ADHD kids.

I hope this episode helped you feel confident giving your child chores. You don’t have to coddle kids with ADHD. In fact, you should challenge them to learn new skills regularly. Although they might not like it at the time, they will thrive as an adult.

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