Laila is a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Math Tutor, ready to help people of all ages become mission-fit to reach their full potential.

Meet your accountability coach and virtual bestie!

Laila alieh's story

Where it all began...

My desire for math and working at NASA started in third grade when I first saw the movie Apollo 13. I always had a passion for space, and my fascination with it led to getting involved in as many extracurricular activities relating to NASA as I could. You should've seen my resume leaving high school!

I went to Purdue University to pursue a civil engineering degree, but I really struggled with test taking, reading, and focusing on my studies. I would have panic attacks during my tests and totally blank out. I didn't know if that was unusual because I was used to it by then. In my third year, I found out I had ADHD and dyslexia. I finally had an answer to my struggles and was given medication for my ADHD.


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In 2008, I started my dream of working at NASA as a Co-Op.

That unfortunately didn’t last long; the Constellation Program that was supposed to take place after the Shuttle Program got canceled, and my passions started changing so I joined corporate America. However, my love for the NASA family, culture, and space exploration was still in my heart. 

At this time, I started noticing problems with my ADHD medication. It caused a lot of issues with my blood sugar. My family has a history of diabetes, so my blood sugar is something I need to keep an eye on. I was also shaky and didn't have an appetite. I decided to stop taking the medication and find a holistic method to manage my ADHD. 

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This is when I started my health journey!

In 2014, I got engaged and ended up not fitting into my wedding dress! I tried EVERYTHING, but cleaning up my nutrition is what allowed my dress to fit like a glove on my wedding day (yay!) This is what launched my journey of becoming a nutrition coach.

After praying about it, I realized I was meant to quit my job in corporate America, be with my husband, and start my own business. I have so many passions (nutrition, math, bride wellness, NASA, etc.) and wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

Through the encouragement of friends and family, I realized I have a knack for two areas: nutrition and math. So, I decided to offer these two separate services as a math tutor and also a nutrition coach. 

Having already had two engineering degrees, I was confident in helping students in math and developing test prep skills. I love helping students gain confidence in their math expertise and learn how to ease testing anxiety.

On the nutrition side, I went back to school and pursued certifications.

I earned my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification and plan to pursue others. I love helping women lose weight, reach their goals, and achieve holistic wellness based on THEIR body type, not the “trends” seen on social media.

I want to help everyone explore their full potential. Helping clients who also have ADHD and dyslexia brings me so much joy. There are unique struggles someone experiences on both the nutrition and math sides.

I have a special story and ability to understand my clients. I got to where I am by myself and through trial and error. Now, I help clients navigate their goals and reach for the stars.

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How to describe Laila Alieh




Scroll through the glossary to learn some fun facts about Laila!

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ADHD: I have ADHD and am very proud of it. I didn't know I had it until my third year of engineering school. Everything took me twice as long but I managed to do it. I called it perseverance. 

Bilingual: I speak Farsi and English. I have also learned basic French and Mandarin.

China: My husband and I were overseas expats and lived in China for nearly 2 years. You learn so much about yourself and your significant other when you live abroad.

Degree: I spent 9 years in college. I got my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and my masters in Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University.

Everest: Hiking is one of my biggest passions. My husband and I have explored and hiked to the Mount Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side.






Florida: I lived in Cape Canaveral, Florida working at NASA Kennedy Space Center for 4 years.

Gut: Your gut is literally the second brain. I talk to my clients a lot about following their gut. For nutrition, it's so important that you have a healthy digestive system and are following healthy habits and eating whole foods.

Health: It's true that health = wealth. I started to take my health very seriously after I graduated college and realized that I wanted to take a holistic approach towards managing my ADHD and dyslexia.

Injuries: I have pulled my psoas muscle over seven times. It all started with doing a deadlift incorrectly. Always check your form!

Jenga: It's one of my favorite games to play with anyone from any part of the world. It's a great way to learn about buildings and structures because it’s all problem-solving, balance, and stability.






Kindness: It's my number one expectation with my client relationships. When we can be mutually respectful and kind, it fills my cup.

Laila: I love my name: Laila. I'm a stickler for how it should be spelled. Don't misspell my name 😉

Mentorship: I love mentoring my math astronauts and wellness explorers simply because I feel that I am giving back to the next generation, just like the generation before did for me.

Nutrition: It's become a big part of my life and an area that I no longer compromise with. Whole foods are truly nature’s medicine.

Oldest: I'm the oldest of my three siblings.






Persian: I am a first family generation Persian American. I am the first on both sides of my family to be born in the United States of America.

Quest: Almost every one of my clients undergoes a mission question with me. We look over the problem and their goals and together, then we develop a game plan on how to accomplish it.

Running: I absolutely hate running, but I have done a few Disney runs, a half marathon, 10Ks, and 5Ks. I did a lot of power walking during those races!

Space: It has been my passion ever since I was in elementary school.

Thirteen: The movie that motivated me to want to work for NASA was “Apollo 13”. I was in third grade and just loved how heroic the scientists and engineers were to bring back their teammates.






Undertaking: I make it a goal of mine to never take on more than I can chew. I'm a big believer that you shouldn't live to work, but to work to live.

Violin: I played the violin for over 10 years. My best memories in high school were of playing in orchestra and making amazing friendships.

Water bottles: I am a water bottle junkie. My water bottles are like my handy dandy helpers and gadgets for self care.

eXcel: I tell my clients that we are on this journey together of becoming mission-fit forever along with becoming the next mathematician.

Yoga: Yoga has been a big part of my life.


Zoom: All of our coaching calls will be conducted on Zoom.

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