A Tailored Daily Routine at Home for ADHD Adults to Boost Focus

A daily routine at home helps me manage my ADHD and allows me to focus throughout the day. I get so thrown off when I don’t have a schedule, or something disrupts my schedule. I know that things can come up, and I try to be flexible, but I stick to routines as much as I can. In this episode, I’ll share three lifestyle routines I have in my life. By implementing them in yours, you can help you or your family member with ADHD improve focus. 

What You’ll Hear in This Episode

  • Why routines are important for ADHD management
  • 3 daily routines at home

Why Routines are Important for ADHD Management

A daily routine at home provides structure, predictability, and support in managing the challenges of ADHD. For kids, involving them in the creation of their routines can foster a sense of ownership and motivation in following them. Routines can be very beneficial in managing ADHD symptoms. 

Here are other benefits of routines for people with ADHD: 

  • Improved Time Management: Having a routine helps create a sense of structure, making it easier for individuals to organize their time and prioritize tasks.
  • Reduced Decision-Making Stress: Routines reduce the need for constant decision-making, which can be overwhelming for people with ADHD. 
  • Enhanced Focus and Attention: Routines help individuals with ADHD stay focused by providing consistency with tasks. 
  • Established Habits: Routines help in forming positive habits, making it easier for people with ADHD to follow through on tasks.
  • Reduced Procrastination: By breaking tasks into smaller, manageable steps and scheduling them within a routine, people with ADHD can approach tasks more proactively.
  • Enhanced Organization: Routines contribute to better organization by providing a systematic approach to daily activities. 

3 Daily Home Routines

These lifestyle routines can help anyone, not only someone with ADHD. Which ones do you already have in place, and what can you add?

1. Set one place for certain tasks.

Establish a space for certain activities throughout your day. Here are some examples of activities to establish spaces for:

This is something I learned in my college dorm room. I was doing everything there and ended up getting nothing done. I would eat, sleep, and study, but it was so unproductive. I learned to never study in my room and instead, go to the library, or find a cafe to complete my work. I learned to eat in the cafeteria instead of grabbing food to go. My dorm room was only for sleeping. 

The same applies to moms and kids living at home. For kids, set them up with a desk and teach them that’s the place they do homework. Don’t allow them to do homework at the kitchen table, because that’s where we eat (unless that is the homework area between meals). They know when they’re in their homework spot, it’s time to do the work. It segregates their mind from what is considered playtime vs study time. Every place in your house has a purpose. 

2. Create a cleaning routine.

Next, create a cleaning routine. I always preach the importance of making your bed every day! I also think it’s important to have a neat bedroom and desk. Task your kids with keeping their spaces clean. It establishes a habit and gives them responsibility. Reducing distractions can greatly help people keep focus on what they’re doing. 

3. Eat meals together.

Eat a meal every day together. If you can’t, try once a week. It’s a great way to check in and feel connected to your family. When you have ADHD, you constantly feel rattled mentally. You need a place to stay grounded, and food and family are great connection points.

Eating meals together also creates a sense of calmness and an intimate space for your family. I look forward to family meals whether it’s with my immediate family or extended family. 

A daily routine at home has made a big difference in how I manage my ADHD. I hope they help you or your family members do the same! If you have other routines that have helped you manage your ADHD, I’d love to hear them. Share it with me on Instagram! I would love to learn from you.

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