Kitchen Decluttering Ideas for ADHD Parents

By now, you know how much I love to declutter. Not only does it make me feel better after I’m done, but it really helps me manage my ADHD. Having a clean home reduces distractions caused by my ADHD. 

One of the places in my home that can get cluttered the quickest is my kitchen. Whether it’s food, dishes, cooking appliances, or utensils, I always seem to collect more stuff than I need. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen meal prepping, so it’s easy for me to get distracted by the clutter. I need a clean kitchen!

If you’re in the same boat or need an annual kitchen declutter, this episode is for you! I talk through some kitchen decluttering ideas so you can have a clean, clutter-free kitchen and home, too! 

What You’ll Hear in This Episode

  • My decluttering for ADHD rule
  • Decluttering mindset blocks
  • My decluttering journey
  • Kitchen decluttering ideas and methods
  • What to do with the stuff you declutter

My Decluttering for ADHD Rule

I talked about this in episode 19 about decluttering tips for ADHD management. This single rule has helped me keep the clutter to a minimum. The rule is:

One thing in, one thing out.

If I bring one thing into my home, I have to take one thing out. And they don’t have to be the same size or category or anything. I could bring in a package of pens and get rid of a chair. I need to hold myself accountable for what I bring into the home. When I’m out shopping, it causes me to pause and really consider if I want or need this item. Because then, what will I have to give up to bring this new purchase into my home?

This decluttering idea has helped me reduce impulse buying because I’m considering if this purchase is worth getting rid of something else. I also have less clutter in my home, which means fewer messes to clean up!

Decluttering Mindset Blocks

Decluttering is simple to do, but it’s hard to get started. Sometimes, I hit a wall over what to get rid of. I’m always thinking:

  • What if I need this in the future?
  • This was a gift.
  • I’ll use this someday.
  • I don’t want to have to rebuy it if I get rid of it now and need it again later.

Have you ever thought of these while trying to declutter your kitchen? These are mindset blocks that are keeping you from decluttering! 

My Decluttering Journey

I want to share some kitchen decluttering ideas to help your ADHD brain stop overthinking and get the work done. I have a few methods that have helped me declutter for the last nine years.

I started my decluttering for ADHD journey when I got married in 2015. I was living in three different states for about four years so I had 3x the amount of stuff as a normal person. I had three sets of bedding, three wardrobes, three kitchens, etc. There was a TON of stuff I had to consolidate to share a space with my husband and the stuff he was bringing to our new home.

Kitchen Declutter Ideas and Methods

I learned about the Marie Kondo method on Pinterest. Over the years, I’ve applied her method and others to create my own method of decluttering my house and especially my kitchen. You can download that method for free here

The first thing to consider when decluttering is whether or not something in your kitchen is bringing you joy or making you sad. If you don’t enjoy using a cooking appliance or you’re tired of it, it’s time to get rid of it or put it away and revisit it in 6 months. I had some tools we were gifted, and I was never able to use them, so I found a new home for them. 

Another method I’ve enjoyed using is the Swedish Death cleaning method. It’s basically considering how you want to be remembered after you pass away. Is this something you want people to remember you by? Is this a part of you that you want to leave behind in this world? It’s leaving the best version of you. 

When it comes to your silverware and dishes, are there items you want to leave behind for your loved ones? I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff lately that was stained and rusty because those are not items I want my family to have after my husband and I pass away. I even did a lead test and found lead in some of the items I was using to feed my kids! So those went straight into the trash. 

I’ve applied these two methods and my own outlined in my guide as decluttering ideas for my kitchen. It’s spring right now, so it’s the perfect time to declutter and spring clean! I go through one drawer at a time and take everything out, vacuum it, wipe it down, then only put back in what I want to keep and put the rest in a pile to get rid of. I do that for cabinets and under the kitchen sink, too. It feels nice to have a clean home to start Nowruz.

Don’t forget your pantry, fridge, and freezer! Throw away anything that’s expired or your family doesn’t like. Wipe down shelves and only put back in what you’re going to eat or use. I have a small kitchen (and no pantry). Decluttering during spring cleaning is a good chance to inventory what I have and actually use. 

What to do With Things You Declutter

I often get asked, “What should I do with the things I decide to get rid of?” You have many options:

  • Toss it
  • Gift it to someone
  • Donate it
  • Sell it

From my decluttering process, I’ve made at least $3,000. It’s crazy how valuable the stuff you have in your home is that you don’t even use! You might as well make a few bucks off it. Try selling on Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, Craigslist, or eBay. This method helped us pay off our student loans!

As you’re decluttering, I challenge you to not go grocery shopping (except for a few basics). Eat what you have! I bet you have tons of food in the freezer that’s ready to eat, especially if you’ve been following my meal prep guide. It’s not there for a special occasion! It’s there to eat and enjoy with your family. 

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be fun! Get the whole family involved with decluttering your entire home, starting with your kitchen. Send me a message on Instagram if you have other questions about these kitchen decluttering ideas! 

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