How to Get a Good Score on SAT and ACT Exams

Have you ever experienced taking the ACT and SAT exams? Some schools don’t require either anymore, but I recommend students take the ACT and SAT exams regardless. It can potentially get you into a better school and just teaches you how to study for important tests before going to college. 

I had major test anxiety in college, so I also teach my math astronauts how to reduce test anxiety and learn how to study smarter. That’s what I want to share with you today! Let’s get started.

How to Get a Good Score on SAT and ACT Exams

These are the study tips I give my math astronaut students to help them study for standardized tests.

Prep Early

Start preparing earlier than everyone else. Just because no one else is studying for it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Their application doesn’t affect you in any way, but yours certainly does! You’ll feel more relaxed when the test is approaching when you’ve been studying for months or even years. 

Develop a New Mindset

Develop a new mindset around studying. Even though studying itself isn’t the most fun thing to do, you can find ways to make it more appealing. Here are some examples I use with my math astronaut clients:

  • Extra TV or video game time
  • Get their nails done
  • Go to their favorite restaurant

Set rewards for yourself when you reach milestones!

Set Deadlines

Another study tip is to set deadlines for studying. By a certain date, you want to have lessons A-F completed, for example. Break it into smaller chunks so it feels more manageable and realistic. 

Take Tests Early

I tell all my students to take their standardized tests before senior year. Junior year is typically when students start applying for universities, and you need to have your tests done before then. Start studying between 8th-10th grade so you can take the tests during your 11th-grade year. 

Focus on Nutrition

Your brain is a muscle. If you don’t have food to fuel your brain and body, you won’t perform well on a test. Imagine your stomach starting to grumble during the exam. That’s all you’ll focus on and worry about! Eat healthy fats, carbs, and protein before an exam to give your brain and body enough energy to get through the exam.

Take Practice Tests

If you’ve already taken one, do another. If you’ve taken 50 practice tests, take another. Practice as many times as you can to get used to the time limits, questions, and topics. Learn where you need to improve on a practice exam instead of the real thing! Here are some workbooks I recommend using to study.

Your mental health, physical health, and nutritional health are the top three areas that will help you earn a good score on standardized tests. Use these study tips, and you’ll be prepped and ready to get a good score on SAT and ACT exams!

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