Ladies, You Need to Know Your Numbers: Here’s Why

Do you struggle with math? I believe all you need to know your numbers! It’s important in so many different aspects. Even if math isn’t your strong suit or you don’t feel confident in knowing what numbers mean, I’ll share five reasons you should know your numbers. Let’s get into it!

1. You’ll be Taken More Seriously

When people don’t know what they’re talking about, you can tell! Knowing how to speak the universal language of math puts you ahead of others. People listen to you. They respect you. They trust you. 

An example of this is salary negotiation. Women historically haven’t been paid as much as men and aren’t as good at negotiating a higher salary. I know this from personal experience! Knowing what you deserve and clearly communicating it can improve your chances of getting that increased salary.

2. You Won’t be Manipulated

Being able to call someone out for trying to manipulate you is the best feeling! Saying, “Hey, I don’t understand why you’re charging me 10% more than this customer over here,” throws people off. When you show off your math skills, they know they can’t manipulate you. 

3. Avoid Getting Into Financial Problems

I wish I had learned how to manage my money when I was younger. I was an overspender and didn’t know how to budget, so I blew my bank accounts all the time. Once I learned what my numbers meant and knew what I could spend, I had money to save while still treating myself once in a while.

4. Reducing Financial Stress

Avoiding financial problems also leads to reducing financial stress! I get paralyzed when I don’t know my numbers. I see my bank account going down, and I don’t know if I can pay my bills. Can you relate to that? Understanding your budget and finances helps you stay within your means and reduce stress.

5. It’s Attractive!

Speaking confidently is attractive! Especially when it comes to math (in my opinion 😉) Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it until you make it.

I hope this episode showed you why it’s important to know your numbers! If you need math help, look into my math tutoring services! I can teach you how to understand your numbers so you can speak more confidently, avoid manipulation, and reduce financial problems and stress. You got this, girl!

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