Welcomesode: Introducing the Launching Forward Podcast and Laila Alieh

Welcomesode: Introducing the Launching Forward Podcast and Laila Alieh

I am so excited to introduce the Launching Forward podcast! I wanted to create a podcast that touches on a variety of topics I have expertise in. Topics of future episodes include:

  • Nutrition
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Wellness
  • Working mom
  • Entrepreneurship

And so much more! I can’t wait to share all my knowledge with you and hopefully help you become mission fit and achieve your goals.

My Background in Math and Wellness

Since third grade, I was set on working for NASA. You could say it was a lifelong dream! I pursued a civil engineering degree from Purdue University and a Masters in mechanical engineering from Portland State University. I achieved my dream by working as a NASA engineer for a few years throughout my undergraduate and masters program as a Co-op Student Engineer in Training.

Something you’ll quickly get to know about me is I’m a lifelong learner. I love earning new certifications, so during the pandemic, I got certified as a nutrition therapy practitioner.

My two passions are math and wellness. You might think they’re complete opposites, but there’s a lot of overlap! I find my wellness clients need the discipline also required by my math students, and my math students need nutrition education to support their studies. That’s why I eventually decided to offer both services

Laila Alieh Services

I help women achieve their goals with healthy and proven weight loss programs. I especially love working with brides because I know the shortened timeline (along with everything else that comes with wedding planning) is super stressful. I help keep them accountable so they feel confident walking down the aisle. I was actually my first client for this service! I also love working with moms because, as a mom myself, I know how difficult body image can be after giving birth. I want to help all women feel confident in their bodies. You are BEAUTIFUL! 

With my background in NASA, I obviously love math and solving problems. I aim to help math students learn to love math by making it fun! I tutor everything from basic math to precalculus and also help students prepare for ACT and SATs. I had major test anxiety in school; coupled with ADHD and dyslexia, I struggled with tests. With that background, I know how to tutor students with similar challenges. Again, I help build their confidence so they can be successful in their education.

You can read my full story in math and wellness here.

Thank you for listening to my Welcomesode! I can’t wait to have you on board this adventure. I release new episodes every other week; see you next time! 

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Laila is a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Math Tutor. She is goal driven and mission oriented and is here to support, encourage, and push you towards the results you want, ready to help people of all ages become mission-fit to explore their full potential. As someone with ADHD and dyslexia, she deeply understands the intricate challenges related to creating a new habit and sticking with it. Her online nutrition programs and online math tutoring cater to those with similar difficulties.

To learn more about Laila, or to inquire about working with her, visit www.LailaAlieh.com.

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