Who is a wellness explorer?

People who are on a mission to improve their physical and mental health. Wellness Explorers have clear goals and are willing to do the hard work to achieve them.

As a former NASA engineer and certified nutritional therapy practitioner, my unique, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness gets you mission fit to achieve your health goals.

Schedule a one-off session to work on one of the below areas of your life. Together, we will analyze that area and create a plan to improve it. You get a fully customized one-on-one coaching call and walk away with a solid game plan! This call is a minimum of two hours.

Pick one of the following areas to focus on:

Starting at $250

One-oN-One Nutrition & Wellness coaching

Ready to make some serious lifestyle changes? One-on-one coaching allows us to address YOUR specific needs and goals. We deep-dive into your current lifestyle and start to incorporate ways to improve your overall wellness. It takes time to change deep-rooted habits, so we take things at your pace!

During our coaching time together, we:
  • Discuss your current lifestyle and the changes you want to make
  • Develop a plan to slowly incorporate new wellness habits into your routine
  • Have weekly check-ins to update on your progress, challenges you’re facing, and how we can overcome them
  • Create habits that will last a lifetime

Your customized online nutrition plan will get you the results you’ve been searching the galaxy for.

Starting at $500






For the DIY’er who just needs a little advice to get back on track with their wellness goals. Get everything you need from guides, freebies and a self paced course. Learn how to make the perfect smoothie, to a meal prep guide for busy women to make a lifestyle change. Also, check out my podcast, where I talk about nutrition, exercise, and wellness topics! 

Click "Get the Goods" for:
  • Smoothie E-Book
  • Meal Prep Guide
  • Mission Fit Forever Course
  • Four freebies for you to download
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Meal Prep Lesson

Pantry and Fridge Detox

Beauty and Cleaning Detox

Decluttering Detox

"Before working Laila, I felt like I couldn't get a handle on my diet and I was struggling with my relationship with food. I wanted so many carbs and so many unhealthy things. Now, I feel like eating whole foods has become a welcome routine. I notice the change in my weight and I feel more body positive than ever. She is a rock star and she knows what she's doing! I'm forever grateful to have her as my nutritionist!"

"I'm forever grateful to have Laila as my nutritionist!"

Chanell | Lawyer

"Before hiring Laila as my coach, I was eating foods that didn’t help me healthwise. I knew something had to change. That’s when I found Laila. I could tell when I read her bio, how passionate and enthusiastic she is about wellness. Upon talking with her I knew I had made the right choice. Laila suggested small changes and didn’t throw a whole new lifestyle at me. She gave me a plan that allowed me to fill in the blanks. I never felt overwhelmed, and the quick meal prep session was amazing! The biggest thing Laila taught me was to be gentle with myself. We were together for 4 months and she made it all affordable for someone on a tight budget. If you are considering health and wellness changes in your life, you CANNOT go wrong with Laila!"

"You CANNOT go wrong by hiring Laila!"

Christina | Bride-to-be

"I reached a point in my life when I realized I weighed just over 200lbs (I’m 5’2”) and got scared for my health. I had already tried numerous diets. I reached out to Laila as a holistic nutrition coach to help me get my weight under control. Laila put me on a balanced portion control diet without any strange constrictions like removing a whole macro from my diet. We had sessions weekly to problem solve challenges as they came up and to tweak the diet and exercise for higher effectiveness. Laila is committed, empathetic, professional and flexible. We got to a point in our journey together when I needed to cut down on costs. Laila accommodated to the situation immensely by being flexible with scheduling. I’m continuing to work with Laila to reach my weight goal as she is a motivating, caring and driven coach in my life.

"Laila is committed, empathetic, professional & flexible."

Heather W. | Mother

"Laila does a phenomenal job at supporting you in the life stage you are in. When I worked with her, I was planning a wedding and going through crazy work-life balance issues. She not only supported me through it but related to me and gave me so many suggestions on how to deal with everything based on her own experiences. She adjusted her nutrition coaching based on what I had going on and helped me balance eating right with the crazy of life. She worked with my stepmom to prepare breakfast and snacks for the wedding day in order to take something off my plate. Laila also worked directly with meal preparation services the two weeks before my wedding to help me work within my budget and availability to prepare food."

"Laila does a phenomenal job at supporting you in the life stage you are in."

Morgan W. | Bride-to-be

I was the heaviest I have ever been. My biggest hurdle was having a busy schedule and the mental toll of working as a nurse during the pandemic. I could not execute a plan by myself. After having a discussion with Laila, she already seemed really interested in helping me with my goals and letting me know they were attainable. At first, I was not a believer. Slowly but surely the weight started to come off. I had some plateaus due to not having a gallbladder, but Laila came up with some solutions and my weight loss really took off after that. 6 months later, I lost 27lbs and 30 inches and dropped almost 2 sizes! I credit Laila 100%. She never doubted me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I have never felt better physically and mentally. I would recommend Laila to anyone struggling with weight loss who feels they have run out of options. 

"I have never felt better physically and mentally"

Lanita W. | Nurse

If you decide to work with Laila, you’ll schedule weekly or biweekly coaching sessions. She will continue to work with you towards your goals and help with stumbles along the way. Since this is one-on-one coaching, it’s fully customizable and at your pace.




How nutrition coaching Works:



On the discovery call, you will talk to Laila about your challenges and goals. Think of this as your “game plan”. Together, you will dive deep into the root of the problem. Laila will share what the investment will be along with recommended tutoring methods. A time slot of 15 minutes is recommended for this call. 

The strategy session is the next step. This 1.5-2 hour call is a deeper assessment of where you’re at, your goals, and expectations for coaching. Laila reviews your answers to a questionnaire, and she makes recommendations and suggestions to meet your goals.

You’ll get a third party perspective into your life and how you can make changes to achieve your goals. You can decide from here if you want to DIY based on Laila’s advice, or have a coach/accountability partner by your side.



What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

I like to go over the client’s medical history, background, their goals, and what expectations they have for a coach.


What education/training do you have that relates to your work?

I am an engineer and used to work for NASA. I use my engineering background to help my clients stay on track and focused.

I also received my certification to become a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP) to be able to dive deeper with my clients and help them learn wellness foundations and habits. As a life-longer learner, I make it a priority to earn certifications to better serve my clients.


IS iT online or in person coaching?

All my services are online.


What types of customers have you worked with?

I have worked with individuals of all age groups. I mostly work with busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time but want to see results without making a negative impact on their health. From wedding planning, to major events and even vacations.

We don’t do quick fixes. We make smart changes that lead to lifelong results. I love working with people who have a goal and want to meet that goal. Whether it is trying to reduce medication, look amazing for an event or learn how to create a healthier household for their family. 


Do you take insurance?

No, I do not take insurance. I have my own private online practice and am unable to accept insurance. 


meet Laila!

A former NASA Engineer turned certified online nutrition coach and math tutor.

Laila is goal driven and mission oriented; she’s your partner in crime to achieve your goals. With soft curls and a gentle personality, Laila is here to support, encourage, and push you toward the results you want.

Laila focuses on helping you create lasting habitual changes. As someone with ADHD and dyslexia, she deeply understands the intricate challenges related to creating a new habit and sticking with it. Her math and wellness coaching cater to those with similar difficulties.

Meet Your Coach 

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These are the five things you need to eliminate from your diet to live more holistically. Most of these are genetically modified and artificial (AKA chemicals, not food!)

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