Im a girl who cares about her health, exploration and living an extraordinary lifestyle

I wont do anything unless Im passionate about it. Period.

About Laila

Growing up near the Johnson Space Center, I was exposed to space exploration from an early age. However, I first decided that I wanted to be a NASA astronaut in the third grade, after watching the movie Apollo 13. The film showed me how challenging, demanding and satisfying it is to complete a space mission. The skills and experience I needed to accomplish my goal of becoming an astronaut have motivated me ever since.

I needed a great deal of determination to graduate from Purdue University with a BS in Civil Engineering (Boiler Up!), and then continue on to Portland State University (Go Vikings!) for my MS in Mechanical Engineering. All the while, I was co-oping for the Kennedy Space Center.

Nearing my graduation, I came to realize that NASA positions were few and far between, and I would have to pursue a different career trajectory. Contemplating similar job opportunities, I thought of two things: extreme engineering from my freshman engineering class and personal fitness. I decided to pursue extreme engineering and secured a job in corporate America.

In corporate America, I became extremely adaptable. And though I adapted to the nice salary and the fast pace of my new job, something just wasn’t right. I was still in a long-distance relationship that had started five years ago, and I wasn’t enjoying my work. I often found myself escaping the office to go work out. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do my job, but that I didn’t enjoy my new career. I didn’t find the job challenging, demanding or satisfying—and yet I felt all of these things when I looked in the mirror after a hard workout.

So, I decided to leave corporate America for a new dream—a dream to be a fitness astronaut! I wanted to become someone who explores fitness and helps others explore it as well. I wanted to explore what would make people fit and healthy. The challenges are as tough as you make them in your mind, and the demands can be a bit much, but the satisfaction of your smile when you see yourself in the mirror is worth it.


Hey guys. I have been MIA because I was taking care of some important business with seeking out my future Fitness Astronaut Cadets. Brides. Yes that's right. The Shittke is white and so are the brides. 
We had a great outcome from the bridal show. Spoke with a lot of excellent fit brides-to-be. They came from all from all over the city. Very exciting. I just want to say that planning this event in 40 days would not have been possible if it wasn't for my amazing hubby, family and friends and my lovely small bussiness entrepreneurs.
Starting a goal (fitness or career) is really hard. You are scared. Think of it as if you are skydiving. The nerves build up, you're anxious, you deal with fear, "what if I can't do this" so much is going on emotional. Finally it's time to jump. You think it's at 1 2 3 but you are tricked and pushed at 2. At that moment the hardest part is over. You are flying. #justjump #isaidjump
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Hope you guys are enjoying my weekly videos. So proud to announce that my intro to my YouTube channel 🎥(Laila Alieh) is finally complete. Did you know a pirate made it for me? A special thanks to pirate @longjonsparrow. He went above and beyond finding the right pieces and flow while fighting Davey Jones and other adventures along the way. Lol ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ I also need to give credit to my music producer and artist for helping me find the perfect sound. @alekstunka You may have heard of him. 
Of course I need to thank my beautiful branding boss Sharlotte from @gbgraphix 
This YouTube journey in addition to wedding fitness coaching has been beyond exciting. Expect more YouTube videos a week to come. Where I talk about Weddings, fitness, engineering, NASA and beyond...... #apirateslifeforme
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