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34 Persons Fitness and Nutrition Missions Launched!

Some of my most recent briefings to help with your mission.


I love how dedicated my clients on to reach for the stars. Brings me soo much joy to see them say " ohhhhh I get it now" I know why teachers and coaches do what they do. To see the future generation be smarter than us. #igetitnow #mathcoach #sattutoring
Happy Monday everyone!! You have a choice. To sleep in your dreams or dream of wanting to sleep as you are living your dreams! You can do this!! Today I woke up and honestly had the choice of sleeping in and not workout and do my morning routine but then thought of my beautiful clients and told myself. Heck if I sleep in they will too.. Let's Beat the case of the Mondays!! #mondaymadness #tosleepornottosleep
SAT session is here. One of my kiddos has two weeks left. Let's wish him luck. How long do you recommend a person studies for third first and repeat SAT/ACT🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞#satsession  #sattutor #summerisover #idontknow
Taking the giant leap. 🚀Ready to upgrade the laptop for my lovely fitness astronauts. Downsizing in weight and size but upgrading in tech. Now I can travel lighter and coach you where I am in the 🌎with very . #onegiantleap #applestoreusa