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Question: what do you see wrong with this photo? As a former construction engineer I've seen lots of interesting things on a construction site but nothing like this. I'm curious to see what you think looks interesting. Comment and Point them out ⬇️. #czechconstruction #praguetoday
On a mission🚀🚀🚀(swipe left to see the video and more) Everything you do it's ok to overthink and and over analyze. We are taking advantage of our new backyard as homeowners. So I put my Boilermaker 🚂 hubby to work. We love DIY projects. We got this table from a garage sale. Now we are giving it some loooove and showing its true beauty. FACT: We haven't bought any new furniture since we have been married. Everything has been from garage sales, and handle downs. Why: gotta pay off the student loans and support the startup. Plus we just love a great deal, problem solving and want real wood furniture. Hard to find these days. But we bought a mattress (total must)  and just bought our first couch (Vlog on that competition my soon on my YouTube Channel) 🎥🎥. Will show you the final product soon..... #diyprojects #pintrestinspired #engineersatwork
If you are an engineer post your major below. 🚀Also share what you do?
🚀 Do you like your job? 🚀Did you wish you could pursue something else? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts and confessions. A lot of engineers such as myself decided to pursue engineering a different way. Just to share I pursued undergraduate in Civil Engineering from Purdue University (Boiler Up) and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University (Go Vikings). Now I work hard to help brides and non brides to be Wedding Fit Forever, am a math tutor, STEM advocate and also a YouTuber. As an engineer I'm always problem solving. That's a skill that will never go away!
Hey guys my YouTube video of my travel series traveling Europe is up. (Link in Bio ⬆️)Our Vlog of Paris 🇫🇷 is up. As Fitness Astronauts we needs to be active explore our very own planet. Please subscribe to my channel for weekly uploads. 🎥#explorersforlife #parisvlog #eurotripvlog #weareallastronauts #lovelocks