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My Solar Eclipse Vlog is finally up on my YouTube channel. Checkout how my this little girl was such a handy helper Link in Bio 👆!! #thegreatamericansolareclpise #solareclipse2017 
I realized waking up and reflecting over last months the excitement from the solar eclipse and the very much anticipated excitement from everyone, I wanted to share a low moment. I really believe we need to push to go back to the moon again. Yes I support those who want to explore Mars but don't you think we need to aim for a closer satellite "the spacey round object circling Earth"? I remember the shuttle program was a program that had such great achievements and a lot of us enjoyed the long drives to come see it. Similar to those moments where we all gathered together, glued to the TV to watch the landing on the moon during the Apollo years. My parents who lived in the Middle East told me they will never forget that day. Talking about a whole world connected. "We landed on the Moon" Driving long hours to watch the Saturn V rocket and Shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral, FL. A movement. This is history and science we have witnessed. Why can we not relive it as much as we did back then with all this amazing technology we have today? 
However, I must say.. how proud I am beyond proud of the education schools/teams from all over the country to help inspire our next generation of Space Explorers and STEM enthusiasts. Thank you NASA and the marketing team for sharing with everyone how amazing science, space can be. We predicted this solar eclipse 38 years ago to the second!!!
F R I Y A Y 🚀👩‍🚀 Today is one of my most favorite days of the week. With negativity a constant around us I wanted to start off this weekend positive and strong with a question for you all fitness astronauts. 🚀What are you most grateful for? 🚀 #friyayfeels #whatareyougratefulfor
This girl is 🚀 it!! Who here is studying for the SAT and taking it within the month or two? #satprep #dontgiveup #testinganxiety #collegeboard
With so much that is going on with natural disasters (Harvey & now Irma) one thing I've seen is a lot of pure love hustling. People doing more than they could possibly have imagined: Volunteering, giving, praying and just flat out doing. Stop dreaming and wish for things to get better. Start doing more than you think was ever possible.
 #garyvaynerchuk #makeithappen #bringitharvey #bringitirma