As coach I take so much pride in delivering the best service to my clients and now life friends. Here are some of their transformation testimonials.

img_5920A few months before my wedding I was looking for a way to get in shape and develop a healthier lifestyle to get me ready for the big day. Even though I knew what I wanted, I had a hard time getting the ball rolling on my own. It was leaving me frustrated and discouraged.

I realized that I was in need of some help. From day 1, Laila worked with me to help me develop better habits. She helped me pick out a workout program that would be right for me and my wants and needs, and she held me accountable to this new lifestyle by staying in contact. She adjusted workouts for me as needed, helped me with nutrition, and kept me motivated throughout our entire journey together.

After 60 days of the 21 Day Fix, I had lost 13 inches and 8% body fat. The results I wanted to get, but struggled to do on my own have started and this is only the beginning. Thanks, Laila!

Kelsey M
Kelsey MIndianapolis, IN

Laila and I met at a business networking event and immediately I could tell how passionate she was about helping others and it made me want to reach out to her. I contacted her so that we could get to know each other and pretty quickly into the conversation I realized she had something that I needed. I had been struggling for many years to find balance in working out, taking time for me to eat healthy and still taking care of my family. I needed accountability and structure in my health and wellness. Immediately, Laila and I went to work together with workouts she planned for me and then later with nutrition and portion control. The daily check-ins from Laila were critical. I knew she was going to be texting me and I had to tell her exactly what I was doing. It made me get up in the morning when I didn’t want to and pushed me through when I didn’t feel like it. Finding time for me within my family’s busy life was challenging; as having a business of my very own along with three very active kids in many sports. Which means, I am on the go all the time. That became the challenge, to find the time to workout and still eat healthy while on the go. Laila was a critical piece to all this craziness. She gave me so many great suggestions on meal prep and planning ahead, and after the first couple of weeks I started noticing less bloating throughout my body and my clothes started to fit better. The monthly measurements and photos along with weekly coaching calls really were significant in being able to see the changes that were taking place. I have always been pretty healthy, but with finding less and less time, I have not been focused on being consistent. This is something Laila helped me to implement and continue in my busy lifestyle. While working with Laila, over a course of 6 months, I was able to finally lose 8 pounds, 15 inches and 6 percent body fat. Getting me back to my normal healthy weight again. I truly valued the time and energy Laila put into coaching me and realized how important it was to have a fitness coach in this journey. I am so thankful for Laila and all that she did to help me get back on track. Her encouragement, accountability and her tough love make her such a successful coach! Not only is she my coach, but also she is now a true dear friend! Love ya, Laila!

Angie M.
Angie M.Indianapolis, IN

I LOVE Laila! She’s an amazing woman and coach. She’s very thorough in her coaching and gave 110%. When I meet Laila, I was living an unhealthy life- I felt so bad in my own body, my energy was down. Did I mention I’m a BRIDE and my wedding is in Feb 2018. This is my firstcoaching via online and it worked out well, Laila was a click or phone call away. She sent me an encouraging message on a daily. I was going through so many life changes and she was there for me. Apart from nutrition and exercise, your metal wellbeing is equally important- she helped me in that way also. She sincerely cared for me. Sometimes I didn’t do my work or eat well and having someone else you report to kept me accountable. I felt- not only didn’t I want to let myself down but Laila! She was my Jiminy Cricket in my ear lol! I did lose weight and inches, around 8lbs. I enjoyed the workouts from the convenience of home and phone. Laila gives you ALL the tools. Guys, she keeps you accountable. I love her and hope she will touch more lives and BRIDES through her coaching. I left with the tools and knowledge to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I completley and totally recomend Laila for a Wedding Fitness coach.

Jannette Garcia
Jannette GarciaHouston, TX

“Love Laila’s energy! She has helped me so much in creating a healthier lifestyle. I used be a big runner until I got injured and fell back into bad habits and I was not taking care of myself. Laila reminded me that my mind, body and soul come first. After 4 years since running, I completed a half marathon, and I couldn’t have done it without her words of encouragement, tips, workouts, eating plans, and more! I’m happier, I have more energy, and I can fit back into my summer clothes!”

Amy Payne
Amy PayneWedding Photographer & Entreprenuer

“Working with Laila has been such a fun journey. Although short-lived for personal reasons, she gave me tools to be healthy for the rest of my life! It was so great to have somebody there to give me motivation, advice, and an extra listening ear. Before working with Laila, I was stressed out and did not know where to even start to get healthy. I was not aware of my body being unequal in its strength proportions, and I was also not aware on how to eat for my body. When I got engaged and after a summer of constant running around and unhealthy eating, I decided to change my lifestyle and diet for the better! I saw Laila at a bridal show and I just knew that it was my time to start. After beginning, the first thing I noticed was my energy and mood; it was hard at first to stay away from my sugar cravings, but now my energy has improved and I’m so proud of myself for being able to say “no” to unhealthy eating at the right times! I feel more confident in myself, and Laila’s motivation made it easier than it would have been on my own. Overall, Laila has an amazing, upbeat personality, and her program is tailored to truly give you the tools to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I know I will continue to utilize all the tools and advice she has given me.”

Mercedez SFort Wayne, IN

When my good friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in January for a June wedding, I immediately said yes, and then broke down crying. I was very unhappy with my weight and how I looked. Laila helped me come up with a plan and then checked in with me frequently to make sure I wasn’t straying off plan. There were a few times that I almost gave up, but with Laila’s guidance and support I was able to stay on track. I asked a friend to do this weight loss journey with me as well, and between the two of us we lost quite a bit of weight with Laila’s support. I set a goal of fitting into a size 6 when I was a 12, and will always remember crying in happiness when I tried on shorts that were a six right before the wedding and they fit. I did the 21 day fix and completely changed most of my eating habits. I did not do the shakeology, however I was still able to lose 4 dress sizes measuring out my foods. I learned how to eat out with friends still and made working out fun. Laila was able to give me good examples of things to eat when I went out and being in Texas, I had to learn how to eat things like Mexican food on a lower calorie diet, yet still be able to enjoy foods. She gave me good examples on things to change like corn tortillas instead of flour ect. I walked/jogged/ran about 12 miles (at least) a week and mixed in Zumba as well. Laila really cares about helping make someone a better them and will help you reach your goals. It’s a tough road, but with Laila’s help, guidance, and support she will stand right next to you to help you reach your goals and then help you set other goals.


IMG_6742Doing the 21 day challenge with Laila made me successful in losing weight when nothing else had and there are a variety of reasons why her program helped me to achieve my health and fitness goals. Laila is a great coach who gets to know her clients personally, we spoke over Facebook and the phone multiple times but when she came to Houston she made a point to meet with me. Due to this meeting she learned about my love for Bikram Yoga but my inability to continually pay for the prohibitive cost of the classes, so she suggested PiYo which I love and is a great workout! If Laila hadn’t have met with me and really gotten to know me she wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint which fitness program was right for me. Another reason her program helped me to reach my goals was because of the accountability with her online support group through Facebook. If I was having a cheat day or didn’t feel like working out it was easy to remind myself to get back on track by speaking to other people via the online group or even by simply seeing their posts. Additionally, Laila made a point to contact me continuously throughout the 21 days to check up on my progress and inquire about any of my concerns. Finally, when I was interested in trying Shakeology Laila was nice enough to send me two different samples, so that I could see if I thought it would work for me before buying it. Ultimately, Laila is able to help people reach their health and fitness goals because she is passionate about her job and takes the time to really get to know her clients and she cares about concentrating on the whole individual. You would not be able to find this sort of dedication from a trainer at the gym who can only show you which machines to work out on and does not consider your diet or personal circumstances. Since starting the 21 day challenge with Laila I have lost 10 pounds and I have reached my goal of weighing in under 150! I am excited that I only have 7 more pounds to go until I hit my goal weight!

Leslie F
Leslie FSpecial Education Teacher - Houston, TX

img_6192My name is Diana and I have high cholesterol and am pre-diabetic. I had to make a big change in my life when my doctor told me that I have to start exercising. My husband is a diabetic and he has to take medication. I didn’t want to end the same way.

I hated the way by body looked. I felt fat and so out of shape. I couldn’t even run half a block without feeling out of breath. My biggest obstacle was “ME”. I didn’t want to exercise or eat healthy.

One day I saw a picture of Laila (my coach and friend) and I was blown away how great she looked. I immediately got in contact with her. From that point on my journey for fitness and nutrition began. She started me on the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. She connected me with her Facebook “21 Day Fitness Challenge”. She kept us on our toes with challenges on her Facebook. She gave us points for each question that we answered or things we posted. It was like if she was with me in the room exercising with me and rooting me on.

Doing 21 Day Fix was not easy. I was so out of shape that I had to take breaks and did a lot of the modification. I kept going no matter what even though it was a slow process. After doing the 21 Day Fix, I couldn’t believe the difference in my body. I built up strength and endurance. I noticed I had a lot of energy. I didn’t feel tired and the best thing ever was that I lowered my cholesterol from 237 to 213.

I took my before and after picture, after 6 months I saw the transformation in my body right before my eyes. I owe all this to Laila because she pushed me like no one ever has. Her challenges on her Facebook & phone calls kept me accountable. I wanted to win her rounds and this motivated me to work even harder.

She talked so much about how she loved Piyo that I purchased it. If you want to know what Piyo is all about get in touch with her and she will tell you. She will help you in your goals whether its fitness or nutrition or both. What I love about her is that she listens to you and she will help you with your needs.

Diana A
Diana ANew York City, NY

I was a very thin personal before pregnancy. However, after giving birth to my first child, I found it very difficult to lose the baby weight. After my daughters second birthday, I simply gave up because I none of my cute pre pregnancy clothes fit on me anymore. I decided to give all my clothes away but was told by a good friend that instead of giving up my clothes, I should try change myself to fit back in them. I told her I couldn’t alone. My friend introduced me to Laila, and confirmed that I can change with the help of a great coach.

Before I started with coach Laila, I was only working out once a week. You know life with a little child is a little hard. I had two gym memberships, but I simply couldn’t find this time to go. That was my greatest obstacle. Time and being away from my family.
As far as nutrition, I would eat a lot. Mostly carbs. When I met with coach Laila, she introduced me to a system for at home fitness. I really like it because now I can work out anytime I can find a chance. For example, just the other day I put my baby in the bathtub to wash her and let her play and I did yoga in our bathroom
The second thing that coach Laila helped me was what to eat, how to prepare food, and how to work with portion controlled containers.
It was just after three days, I started to notice the changes in my energy, and little by little I started to change my image about myself. I have more self-confidence now.
I drink Shakology. Honestly, I don’t like it, but I have to take it because most of the nutrition I eat is carbs, which explains my problem. I don’t eat that much protein. I guess because I’m a vegetarian, so I have to take Shakology but coach Laila is helping me to find the right foods to fix this issue.
The other thing that was great for me was that coach Laila had continued to keep in touch with me every day. That made want to try harder and not miss a workout. I really enjoy working with her, and it’s a pleasure to have her as my personal one-on-one coach. Working with her has opened a whole new window in my life and its just getting started.

Farzaneh K
Farzaneh KPortland, OR
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