Our Best Kept Secret

Truth: I cannot lie and cannot keep secrets……unless its for a life or death situation or its super important and I do a pinky promise.

This was by far the longest kept secret I have ever kept from my loved ones. Andrew and I danced for 6 months in secrecy while we were in a long distance relationship in two different states (Indiana and New York). I don’t know what I would do without my Argentine tango teacher and life friend Mayte Vicens.

When It comes to practicing for your first dance on your special day, you need to consider the following:

  1. Song: Find a song that means a lot to you and that you don’t mind listening to over and over. (Trust me you will get sick of it if you don’t absolutely love it.)
  2.  Teacher: Find a teacher that you connect with on a personal level. This person will eventually be your friend and your therapist. (I cannot tell you the amount of times I cried while I was away from Andrew. When I couldn’t practice with Andrew I would have to practice with my teacher. On top of that is all the stress of wedding planning.)
  3. Time: Dance to a song less than 2.5 min. (Trust me it will feel like forever)
  4. Skill: Depending on your skill level work on a skill that fits BOTH you and your partner’s fitness level. Don’t try to go overboard thinking you will do flips and turns if you have never done it before. (I’ll be honest I thought we could do a lot more and we had to tone it down after I learned what Andrew and I realistically could do and with your time frame.)
  5. Style: Find a music style and stick with it. If you mix up to many things you will quickly notice how messy it can get and your wedding audience will be like, “huhh??”

Hope that helps!! Blast me your thoughts below!