How I Became a Wedding Fitness Coach: My Wedding Story

When I decided to get married, I didn’t know where to begin. You see, I’m a first-generation Persian American, and I got engaged to a Non-Persian American. If you have seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then you probably know a little something about my family and overall situation.

When I got engaged to my long-distance boyfriend after five years, I was beyond ecstatic. At the time, I was living in New York City, away from my parents and fiancé, working for corporate America (see bio). Planning a destination wedding was a challenge in and of itself, but that’s why you hire a great destination wedding planner to take the pressure off. However, when it came time to go in for my first dress fitting, I was shocked to find that I could not fit into my dress. The dress was ordered a size smaller than I had originally planned. There was literally no one who could help me, especially with my busy schedule and tight budget.

Panicked as I was about the situation—my emotions were running high and I didn’t have much time before W-Day—I had to find a way to fit into that darn dress. Having heard horror stories about what some brides do to their bodies before the wedding (only to gain all the weight back—and sometimes more), I decided to coach myself and pledge to FIT INTO THE DRESS.

I told myself, “I am going to fit into that DARN DRESS in the healthiest way possible and maintain my new weight… Failure is not an option.”

So, I started working out from home, meal prepping, learning about portion sizes and just kept going. I started seeing results, and soon after that, I started coaching people—including some of my lovely bridesmaids—who wanted to look amazing for my special day (and in the pictures as well). In other words, we decided to hold one another accountable in a supportive way.

Just a week before my wedding and a day before my flight to Cancun, I went in for my last fitting. And finally, I managed to fit into my dress. It fit like a glove! With my stress levels as high as ever, I found myself relieved and overjoyed. Now let’s get married, I thought.

The challenges are as tough as you make them in your mind, and the demands can be a bit much, but the satisfaction of his smile when I walked down that aisle—with the guests watching my every move, and even today when I look through my wedding photos—proved that it was all worth it.

Three months after my wedding, I tried my dress on again, and I’m thrilled to say that it still fits. I still wear it from time to time, dance in it, give it a twirl and put it back in my closet where it sleeps.

I don’t want any bride (or groom) to ever go through that type of stress on their special day. Life is too short, and your wedding day is an occasion you will never forget. So, let me be your personal Wedding Fitness Coach.

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