Its Ok to Be Untraditional

Hello my name is Laila Alieh, I’m a former NASA engineer. I studied both civil and mechanical engineering at Purdue University and Portland State University. Recently, I released a video on YouTube on my testimonial for the decision I made that night. My thought on not taking the Professional Engineering Exam that could have made me a professional engineer. On this note, I decided to share with y’all some tips on how to be untraditional and still be proud of what YOU did yesterday.

Here are some advice on how to be successful when following an untraditional path:

  1. Be passionate about what you are doing: For you to make it in life, you have to love and have passion for what you do. You don’t do things because your parent wants you to do it nor because your friends are doing it . Do what you are passionate about which will eventually make you happy. When you do things the untraditional way, new things evolve.
  2. Don’t follow someone’s else passion: You have to be creative, have passion for your own life. Don’t ever think of following someone’s else passion because it will only make your life to be miserable. If you do things with passion, new things will happen. Like in my own case where I spent almost 25 years following someone’s else dream. I spent years studying engineering which I’m not so passionate about, I ended up following another path. Now I’m doing something so different from that.
  3. Do the unthinkable: You need to be visionary after you’ve got the passion. This makes you do the unthinkable. You as well have to be flexible, if you feel that you are not passionate with what you do, you’d better go back to that thing you have passion for. But the ultimate thing is that you don’t stop. That’s why my motto is “keep going, stay active”.
  4. Don’t regret what you did yesterday: Don’t forget that yesterday is gone, so you don’t need to regret what you did yesterday. Today is now and you need to keep going to do the untraditional things. It is said that “things don’t just happen, you have to make them happen”, make a move today!
  5. Work to live and not live to work: It’s very important that you work to live and not live to work. Because this way, you’ll be happy and live a very fulfilled life. But if you live to work, you will end up becoming miserable. Try to maintain the balance.
  6. Take the high road and just drive: I’ll advice you to take the high way and just drive irrespective of all odds. Don’t go on cruise control because no one becomes successful by this. You are what you want to be, so be determined.

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